Distribution Unit

The basic distribution model, with individual installation per box, allows you to store a average of 25kg of horse food per feeder.



  1. Presentation: Single automatic feeder for fixed boxes / stables.
  2. Product Name: TheSmartFeeder.
  3. Manufacturer: 301, Unipessoal Lda (301Lda)
  4. Manufacturer address: Rua do Casal 301, 4560-122 Penafiel, Portugal.
  5. TheSmartFeeder Model: Stall Feeder
  6. Purpose of this Manual: Ensure adequate and adequate information for correct and safe installation, use and maintenance of the equipment.
  7. General safety information:
    • Before using, you should carefully read and understand the information and assembly and safety instructions contained in this Manual and keep it for future reference
    • Use TheSmartFeeder only for its intended purpose: individual distribution of concentrated granulated dry food up to 8mm in diameter and mueslis, with attachment to the outer side of a TheSmartFeeder for each individual fixed boxing unit. Do not use for hay / meal / damp foods and larger than recommended. Do not use in community pits and paddocks. Any use other than the intended use shall be considered inappropriate and therefore dangerous. At 301Lda shall not be held liable for damages caused by inappropriate, erroneous and / or irrational use of the product.
    • To define the nutritional plan, always follow the recommendations of the veterinarian and indications of the manufacturer of the ration chosen regarding the type of feed, the dosage and the frequency of meals. Composition, dosages and frequencies
      maladjusted to the horse’s need may be detrimental to the animal’s health and may even lead to death.
    • Do not use under water or in very humid environments.
    • Respect cleaning recommendations.
    • Do not use if the electrical installation is damaged, if it does not
      indicated electrical power or if there is no safety differential protection (minimum 300mA). 301Lda shall not be imputed to any
      liability for damages caused by use in electrical installations that do not comply with current safety standards.
    • Power failure, unforeseen damage or other unfavorable conditions may cause the appliance to malfunction; therefore, it is recommended that a visual inspection of the operation of the equipment be included in the daily routine of the animal to confirm that the horse received one of the daily doses of intended feed. Daily inspection is highly recommended in the first week of use and whenever programming changes.
    • In case of incompatibility between the plug of the appliance and the mains socket, a certified adapter must be used in accordance with the regulations in force in the country of installation, or replace the plug with a qualified electrician.
    • After removing the device from the packaging, make sure that it is whole, with no visible damage that may have been caused during transport. If in doubt, do not use the machine, and contact your TheSmartFeeder reseller or distributor.
    • Keep packaging elements (cartons, carriers, bags, etc.) out of the reach of children and people with reduced physical-cognitive abilities as they are potential sources of danger.
    • Do not allow children to handle the equipment.


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